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Hello! I’m Peg

My Mission

To ensure that my clients never feel alone on their journey and are exponentially happier and more confident than before they met me!

My Approach

I’m ALL-IN on your success, helping you answer “What do I want to be when I grow up?” and/or “How do I maximize my brand?” Following an intro call, we usually start with a quick LinkedIn makeover (Linked In&Out) and then, via Zoom, dive into your customized program.

My Mantra

Lift as You Climb!

My Favorite Quote

“Change almost never fails because it’s too early. It almost always fails because it’s too late.” ~ Seth Godin

If I’ve learned anything about careers, it’s that they don’t always follow a straight path. In fact, like mine, it can seem more like traversing a lattice than climbing the typical corporate ladder.

And I’m perfectly happy to be a lattice navigator! Pivoting from life sciences to focusing on my family, starting several businesses, and then training to be a career transition/personal branding expert has been a journey of learning, growing, and lots of diligent practice!

I’m the founder of MaxPotential U, LLC and the creator of numerous programs designed to help professionals climb the ladders and lattices of their careers. I’m a career coach and personal brand strategist who takes a positive, strengths-based approach to help my clients move forward in their careers and life.

To date, I’ve coached, taught, guided, strategized with and provided services for over 1000 executives, directors, managers, business owners, active retirees and students. Universally, my clients are in the midst of or preparing to move forward in their career or business.

I assume that if you’re visiting this site, you might also be in or contemplating a change.

WHY ME? I’ve asked my clients this question, and here’s what they say:

  • Peg uses positive psychology to help me focus my strengths on creating a new future. I had no idea what I’d been missing!
  • Peg’s an EXCELLENT writer!
  • While I was floundering, she KNEW exactly what to do.
  • I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t attracting the right people to my LinkedIn profile. She immediately saw (and fixed) the problem!
  • Peg’s an innate strategist. She was able to see the many pieces of my past and turn them into a compelling future. Who knew I had it in me? Peg did!
  • Peg is endlessly calm and patient until…… don’t do the work! A little nudge was all I needed to get serious, and then, the answers came pouring in!
  • Everyone needs a Peg!
  • I wouldn’t think of making a change without contacting Peg first.

Peg uses positive psychology to help me focus my strengths on creating a new future. I had no idea what I’d been missing! Peg’s an EXCELLENT writer! While I was floundering, she KNEW exactly what to do. I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t attracting the right people to my LinkedIn profile. She immediately saw (and fixed) the problem! Peg’s an innate strategist. She was able to see the many pieces of my past and turn them into a compelling future. Who knew I had it in me? Peg did! Peg is endlessly calm and patient until…… don’t do the work! A little nudge was all I needed to get serious, and then, the answers came pouring in! Everyone needs a Peg! I wouldn’t think of making a change without contacting Peg first.

Invitation from Peg: I’d love to hear your career story as well as your future dreams!

What Others Are Saying About Peg

  • I highly recommend Peg as an outstanding personal brand strategist! Change is an inevitable part of our lives, whether we like it or not, we all need to be prepared for what's next in our lives. I realized very quickly that I needed a personal brand strategist to help me strategically manage the perceptions others had of me. I knew that personal branding was not self-promotion; I needed someone who could me clearly articulate the value of what I am consistently able to deliver while serving others as a leader in the community. We all have a personal brand and protecting this asset while molding and shaping it to create a clear image of how we can help others is exactly what I needed. Peg came highly recommended to me be many others in the community. I'm so happy I decided to engage Peg as my personal brand strategist. I've received numerous compliments on my social media brand especially my LinkedIn profile. Peg's coaching has helped me feel confident about whatever the future has in store for me! Five executives have reached out to me in just three weeks to compliment profile. Some of these people simply want to know more about me…some have asked who I'm working with because they realize they too need a "refresh." Peg can help you tell your story in a way that connects you to others; I'm thrilled with the work she has done for me!

    Peg's Perspective

    Angie Sklenka is one of my superstar clients and referral partners! I've helped Angie through several advancements and organizational changes, coaching her, writing and rewriting her resume, working with her on LinkedIn and conducting Change Readiness & Resiliency workshops for her people. Angie is an executive, highly driven to succeed within her HR field. She's also the mom of four and active in her community. (How does she do it???) Part of that answer is that she chooses the right people to align with, and I'm so grateful to be on her team!

    Angie Sklenka

  • Peg has a methodical way of guiding critical career decisions through a greater understanding of your personal values and authentic personal brand. It's something that sounds simple but is truly transformative with the right kind of attention. I worked with Peg during a significant career crossroads, when I was up for a high-level promotion to a C-suite position. She not only helped me prepare for the job opportunity, but also helped me gain a much deeper awareness of my own values, motivations and aspirations. I ended up getting the job... and so much more. Thank you, Peg!

    Peg's Perspective

    Kim Hill is a notable bright spot in my many success stories. She was referred to me when faced with a difficult decision about going after a high-level advancement within her current higher education organization. We scheduled several coaching sessions to work through the question, "Is this role right for me now, and if not, what else would I do?" While not as simple as this might sound, Kim ended up going full-on for the job of Chief Marketing Officer & VP of Marketing Communications and Brand Strategies. It's significant to note that she was up against highly experienced professionals from around the country that were twice her age. Kim was offered the position and, most importantly, was ready to negotiate and accept the offer! NOTE: During the Change Readiness experience, Kim asked me to help her update her LinkedIn profile. Given that Kim is a gifted writer (and former journalist), I coached her through the updates, offering insights, strategies and specifics of LinkedIn writing success (it's an art!). This collaboration was another example of great teamwork between my client and me!

    Kim Hill

  • I first met Peg in the Spring of '21. She was hired to help a group of us tweak our online presence. In my case, LinkedIn needed some serious help. After recruiting for decades, my profile became lackluster and needed a pair of expert eyes to review the content. With Peg's artful assistance, my profile is catching the attention of some celebrated enterprises. Our working marriage did not stop at LinkedIn. I hired her to continue wordsmithing now on my resume. After several sessions and some personal introspection prompted by Peg, I have a resume I am proud of. That too has garnered a lot of attention from illustrious companies. Peg disarmed any apprehension I had with her warm and approachable style. She is wickedly intelligent and has a mastery of the English language which made any difficulties I faced quickly fade away. Peg charges a fair price for a one-off service, but for the bundle of LinkedIn and a resume refresh you will be saving time and money by working with Peg. She is an expert in her craft and I highly recommend her brilliance.

    Peg's Perspective

    I met Scott Faurot when he was part of a group of experts writing a multi-author book called Talent Fusion. The publisher had hired me to work with their authors, specifically addressing their LinkedIn profiles. Little did we know that Scott also required personal brand services to help him make a job change! I worked with Scott to strategize and rewrite his LinkedIn profile and resume. Scott credits my work as a significant reason that he was able to make a proactive move. I commend Scott for his diligence, insight and willingness to do the work! We made a great team!

    Scott Faurot

  • I had the privilege to get to know Peg through a Mastermind group. She's an authentic leader who genuinely wants to help others by sharing her knowledge (especially of LinkedIn!): which helps people land better opportunities and improve themselves. During my own mini-makeover session - Peg offered tons of suggestions and really demonstrated her expertise. I often suggest that others work with her - you will get so much more out of it than a better profile. She makes people better all around. Thanks Peg for being you!

    Peg's Perspective

    Melanie Booher (MB) is an expert, author, publisher, and business owner. She's also an experienced LinkedIn user! Initially, I wasn't sure what I could add to MB's LinkedIn toolkit, but as we worked through the 90-minute Linked In&Out process, it became clear that brand clarity was a need! MB made numerous changes during the session and continued to implement my suggestions in the following weeks. MB is one of my most prolific referral partners and part of the reason that my business is built nearly 100% on referrals!

  • Peg is a great listener, creative writer, and resume/LinkedIn expert. Peg has the skill to understand career accomplishments and tell them in an inspiring and compelling way. Highly recommend hiring Peg to maximize your potential.

    Peg's Perspective

    Tammy Noll's recommendation is concise, which reflects her executive role and style, but her engagement with me was no less impactful! At the height of COVID, Tammy was referred to me to help her up-level her brand. What I discovered was a hidden treasure of branding potential. As the SVP of a company that made ventilators, Tammy had been instrumental in the global pandemic response, pivoting resources, "commandeering" a Boeing plant and producing an exponential increase in vents to help save lives. The effects of Tammy's work, and her story, are just beginning to be understood. I'm proud to have been in the position to help her document this once-in-a-lifetime journey and build on her most excellent brand!

    Tammy Noll

  • I was a client of Peg's back in 2016 a few month's after I took early retirement from P&G. However, I think I was different than most of her clients. I was not looking to start a second career. If I wanted to continue to work full time, all I had to do was decline the package. Rather, I wanted to ease into retirement doing volunteer work and working a little here and there. Peg was quick to recognize that and instead of steering me back towards the workforce, she held me accountable in regards to making the volunteer connections and creation of a LLC to help manage what work I would do. It has been over 4 years since I took the early retirement package from P&G. With Peg's help I have created my own consulting business and I am able to do the tings I want to do rather than the things I have to do. I am not sure I could have got to this place in my career without her help. If you are someone who does not need to work, but not sure what's next after you leave your career job, talk to Peg. I highly recommend.

    Peg's Perspective

    When I met Mike Nease, he was retiring from a long career at Procter & Gamble. But Mike wasn't even close to being ready for the rocking chair! Using my Signature Change Readiness coaching program (now called Pivot2Power), I guided him in answering the question, "What do I want to be when I grow up?" Mike realized that he could have his cake and eat it too! He started volunteering for two organizations that meant a lot to him but had never had time for and launched a part-time consulting company. Mike went on to help several manufacturers solve their most critical problems and even did some freelance work back at P&G!

    Mike Nease

  • Peg has worked with my company for the past year to elevate our digital presence on LinkedIn. When we brought her on, very few members of our team understood the value and power of LinkedIn, many did not have a profile. Through the transformation, Peg worked closely with each team member to develop their personal brand and hosted multiple companywide training session to help our employees reap the benefits of LinkedIn. She provided detailed analytics that allowed us to review each team members performance and identify areas of improvement. Peg's efforts have helped Acme gain digital exposure in an area that was not on our radar. I would strongly recommend Peg to support any company digital transformation on LinkedIn. Thank you for the great support Peg!

    Peg's Perspective

    Fritz Carlson is the 4th generation CEO of a U.S. manufacturer with a significant global footprint. During the COVID shutdown, he realized that they needed to pivot from in-person marketing to digital strategies. My colleagues at Intercept Marketing brought me onto the team to amp up the LinkedIn presence of 21 of Acme's key leaders and customer-facing employees. Once the profiles were complete, I went on to train the workforce in the art of Brand Elevation, an approach that harnesses the collective brand power of an organization's employee base and enlists them as engaged Brand Advocates!

  • I've just come off one of Peg's Linked In & Out sessions and I'm buzzing! Peg went through my LinkedIn page live and made really detailed suggestions on each section - things I hadn't thought of at all. Some we implemented on the spot and some I have as "homework". My profile is now much more coherent and will be even better once I've done the homework. I highly recommend reaching out to Peg whether you are an Entrepreneur or an Executive to help you shine on LinkedIn!

    Peg's Perspective

    I met Karen on LinkedIn, bridging thousands of miles from Cincinnati, OH to London, England. Karen, an accomplished entrepreneur and center of influence, engaged in the Linked In&Out process to help her narrow her too-broad brand message (she had SO much to work with!) into an updated, highly compelling Brand of Brilliance! In the process, Karen and I became good friends and are taking on the world, one brilliant woman at a time!

    Karen Kennaby

  • I recently worked with Peg Stookey to help me better communicate my "brand" on Linked following my retirement from Acme Manufacturing Company after 46 years of service. Peg helped me to reflect on my strengths and prioritize what mattered to me, my family, now and into the future. The result was a clearer direction on my opportunity to work as a consultant and was much better able to communicate through LinkedIn and in general. Peg is very skilled, patient and easy to work with. A terrific listener that guided me appropriately to match my personality and future vision. She has an uncanny ability to quickly get to know people and turn that "knowing" into words and awareness. I appreciated her calm, insightful guidance as I was making this important life and career transition.

    Peg's Perspective

    Joe Saad was part of the team that I worked with at Acme Manufacturing, but Joe's circumstances were unique. He retired as the longest-employed person at Acme but didn't go far. He was still needed but in what capacity? I helped Joe work through the ins and outs of launching a consulting practice and represent his new identity and brand on LinkedIn and beyond. Joe is an excellent example of why and how retiring employees can remain relevant, productive, and achieve life/work satisfaction following retirement! I call it "Retirement ON YOUR TERMS!"

    Joe Saad

  • Through Peg's LinkedIn and personal branding wisdom I was able to gain more clarity, confidence and inspiration for my brand. Her program was exactly what I needed to refresh my self image through reflection on my passion, experience and skills to fuel immediate profile updates to help me reach my new personal and career goals.

    Peg's Perspective

    Meghan Brown was referred to me as a possible MaxMyBrand client to help her clarify her personal brand and move forward in her career with increased confidence and drive. She chose to go through the Linked In&Out process, in which I coached her through real-time LinkedIn updates while also touching on her overall brand. What we accomplished in 90 minutes was life-changing for Meghan! She chose to take her newfound knowledge and continue to work on her brand, knowing that I was there if needed. Sometimes people just need a little nudge to move forward!

    Meghan Brown

  • I've had the good fortune of attending several sessions offered by Peg Stookey and have found her to be a thoughtful presenter who brings great insights and knowledge to her talks. I typically find myself walking away with pages of notes and several specific action items as a result... which is exactly what you hope for when you invest your time in training. If you have the opportunity to hear Peg speak, or even to work with her, I believe you'll find her to be a great partner who is focused on helping you become a better version of yourself.

    Peg's Perspective

    Chris Spanier attended several Job Seeker presentations that I happened to be giving while he was in job search. I have a particular empathy for those who have lost a job and are seeking their "what next?" Sharing my knowledge in a compelling, ready-to-take-action kind of way is highly fulfilling for me! Chris was a particular bright spot in that he asked insightful questions and followed up with 1:1 conversations. Chris knew that personal branding and LinkedIn were crucial to landing a new position, or in his case, to start a successful consulting company!

    Chris Spanier

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does your LinkedIn In&Out process take?

In just 90 minutes on Zoom, I’ll coach you through real-time changes to your LinkedIn profile. You’ll be amazed at how it looks and how your confidence in using LinkedIn increases!

How many rewrites are included if you write the content for me?

This is a great question. Three rewrites are included, and because your satisfaction is my priority, you can always request small changes at no cost. And, depending on what program you choose, it’s likely that I’ll include an update to your LinkedIn profile if you change jobs, start a business, etc.

Do I get access to you via email after our 90-minute meeting?

The short answer is yes, a quick question is welcome! Also, because we now know each other better after our Linked In&Out session, it’s common to engage in additional services such as having me write the content-heavy areas of LinkedIn (About and Experiences) or asking me to coach you through the writing.

Can you help me select a new profile photo and background image?

Of course! I can even give you some tips to share with your photographer and/or graphic designer if you have them. I also have resources to recommend if you need someone to help you. NOTE: It’s very possible for you to take a good photo with your phone. Let’s talk about it!

What additional services do you offer?

I have a vast toolkit of coaching, branding, copywriting, career change, job search, business startup, resume-writing, strategic planning, and more tools to call up when needed. Additionally, my network is broad and deep. If I can’t help, I probably know someone who can!

Do you offer a referral reward if I send people to you?

This is my favorite question! My business is 100% referral-based so, YES, part of how I got here is that I reward my referral partners! Let me get you started: My ideal clients are professionals, business owners and experts who need to amp up their brand and/or figure out what’s next in their career or business success strategy. Thanks in advance for keeping your eyes open!

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